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You may be wondering...

Q: What is polymer clay? 

A: Polymer clay is a plastic based medium that is cured by baking. Once cured, polymer clay becomes hard and durable. Polymer clay is subject to scratching, cracking, and deterioration if not cared for properly. 

Q: Are polymer clay earrings heavy?

A: No! They are extremely lightweight. For extra security, I provide rubber flat backs for extra support. 

Q: How do I store my earrings? 

A: Keep them in a cool, dry place away from the sun or extreme heat. Some ideas are earring boxes or jewelry stands. 

Q: What if the earrings get dirty or makeup on them?

A: Damp a cloth and wipe down the earring gently. Do not use heavy disinfectants.  

Q: Will my earrings look exactly like the photo? 

A: The earrings will not be identical to the photo as Laetus Clay Co earrings are handmade with custom-mixed pigments. Making each pair unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Q: What type of earring posts are used? 

A: Quality is something I truly believe in and strive to achieve in every piece which is why I use Titanium and 18k gold plated posts.